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Guest Post: Voter Fraud in Minnesota

It’s technically incorrect to say that there is large voter fraud in Minnesota, because what most people would consider voter fraud is, in fact, legal in Minnesota. Voter fraud in Minnesota is practiced through a two-part process. First, election laws are constructed that are designed to tolerate ineligible voting and, second, even the weak constraints in those statutes aren't enforced. Most voters of either party are totally unaware of what’s going on. Here is how it works: Self-certification: In Minnesota, you are supposed to be prohibited from voting if you (1) have a court order stating that you are incompetent to vote, (2) are...

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Send Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities? Be careful what you wish for.

Given Minnesota’s leadership in the metro and the governor’s mansion, if you are cheering on the idea of punishing sanctuary cities, be careful what you wish for. Minnesota’s already overburdened welfare state would grow if the administration carried out this policy. And imagine, given Minnesota’s free-for-all at the voting booth and loose absentee ballot laws, how voter fraud could change the state forever....

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Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? Or that Voter Fraud Does Not Matter? Al Franken “Won” By 312 Votes and Provided the 60th Vote for Obamacare

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported this week on voter fraud, reminding us on the eve of the 2018 mid-term why American citizens, and legal immigrants waiting to become citizens, should pay attention to this issue. We must reject the dominant narrative pushed by some elected officials and the "mainstream" media that voter fraud is a "myth" embraced only by crazy right wingers. And we must reject the idea that non-citizens should be able to vote (yes, this is happening openly in America). Preston Huenekens from CIS wrote in “Aliens and Voter Fraud” this week: Every year there are elections that...

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Memo to Congress: Be the Wall, Stop the Invading “Caravan”

These are mostly young, strong and able men. They are not carrying the American Flag yearning to become productive members of our country. They are carrying the flags of Honduras and Guatemala, mocking our country and the pathetic state of the Rule of Law in American today. Are we going to defend ourselves? Yes, troops are going to the border. ...

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Who is Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente and why is he on the Primary Ballot for the U.S. Senate?

This falls under the “Believe It or Not” category of Minnesota election laws, along with same -day registration, voting without having to identify yourself, language assistance (if they cannot read or speak English why are they voting?) and “vouching” for the identity of others. Why should you be able to get on the ballot if you do not meet the residency requirements of the office for which you are running? Only in the Land of the Gullible where Ole and Lena dwell....

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Minneapolis ponders new ID Card for Illegal Immigrants and other “Constituencies”

While the City Council and the Mayor may attempt to deflect on this issue, the same residents who can get a Minnesota State ID card would be able to obtain the municipal ID. The only difference with this card is that it would allow illegal immigrants to have a valid form of ID, as well....

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MN Secretary of State Fights Court Order to Release Voter Data

What's Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon so afraid of? The best way for Simon to back up the DFL's denial of voter fraud in Minnesota would be to comply with a Ramsey County Judge Jennifer Frisch's order to release a complete copy of the data on the state's voter rolls. But the Star Tribune reports Simon immediately filed an appeal to withhold the information the court ruled belongs to all Minnesotans. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon has 10 days to provide voter information to the Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA), a Ramsey County judge ruled Friday in the year-old dispute over...

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Union Loophole is Challenged in Massachusetts: Could Minnesota be Next?

In forced-dues states like Minnesota, teachers and cops are forced to fund the political agenda of their union. So for example, in 2016, the teachers’ union and AFSCME (both AFL-CIO affiliated) and the SEIU all supported candidate Hillary Clinton. That means that public employees who preferred one of the GOP candidates, or Bernie Sanders, were essentially forced to write a check to Hillary Clinton and the DNC in order to keep their job. Doesn’t that seem out of whack in America? ...

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Governor Dayton wants to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. But wait, wouldn’t he have to fix MNLARS first?

Yesterday, Governor Dayton said he is not giving up on getting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, and that he wants another $43 million for the failed MNLARS system that issues licenses and car registrations. Interesting combo to kick off the legislative session. ...

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Federal government shut down over Illegal Aliens (DACA)

The irony is that the Republican Party, at least according to Democratic strategists, are helping the Democrats come up with their majority for the future. Their assumption is that all "Dreamers" will become Democrats. Yet Republicans are going ahead and doing it anyway. That's because they believe (or hope) that "Dreamers" will make up their own mind about politics and who to vote for. ...

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