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Guest Post: Voter Fraud in Minnesota

It’s technically incorrect to say that there is large voter fraud in Minnesota, because what most people would consider voter fraud is, in fact, legal in Minnesota. Voter fraud in Minnesota is practiced through a two-part process. First, election laws are constructed that are designed to tolerate ineligible voting and, second, even the weak constraints in those statutes aren't enforced. Most voters of either party are totally unaware of what’s going on. Here is how it works: Self-certification: In Minnesota, you are supposed to be prohibited from voting if you (1) have a court order stating that you are incompetent to vote, (2) are...

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Memo to Congress: Be the Wall, Stop the Invading “Caravan”

These are mostly young, strong and able men. They are not carrying the American Flag yearning to become productive members of our country. They are carrying the flags of Honduras and Guatemala, mocking our country and the pathetic state of the Rule of Law in American today. Are we going to defend ourselves? Yes, troops are going to the border. ...

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Who is Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente and why is he on the Primary Ballot for the U.S. Senate?

This falls under the “Believe It or Not” category of Minnesota election laws, along with same -day registration, voting without having to identify yourself, language assistance (if they cannot read or speak English why are they voting?) and “vouching” for the identity of others. Why should you be able to get on the ballot if you do not meet the residency requirements of the office for which you are running? Only in the Land of the Gullible where Ole and Lena dwell....

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MN Secretary of State Fights Court Order to Release Voter Data

What's Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon so afraid of? The best way for Simon to back up the DFL's denial of voter fraud in Minnesota would be to comply with a Ramsey County Judge Jennifer Frisch's order to release a complete copy of the data on the state's voter rolls. But the Star Tribune reports Simon immediately filed an appeal to withhold the information the court ruled belongs to all Minnesotans. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon has 10 days to provide voter information to the Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA), a Ramsey County judge ruled Friday in the year-old dispute over...

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Governor Dayton wants to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. But wait, wouldn’t he have to fix MNLARS first?

Yesterday, Governor Dayton said he is not giving up on getting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, and that he wants another $43 million for the failed MNLARS system that issues licenses and car registrations. Interesting combo to kick off the legislative session. ...

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Federal government shut down over Illegal Aliens (DACA)

The irony is that the Republican Party, at least according to Democratic strategists, are helping the Democrats come up with their majority for the future. Their assumption is that all "Dreamers" will become Democrats. Yet Republicans are going ahead and doing it anyway. That's because they believe (or hope) that "Dreamers" will make up their own mind about politics and who to vote for. ...

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Do New MN Voter Fraud Charges Make Case for Election Integrity Commission?

Minnesota remains one of a dozen or so states refusing to cooperate with the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Minnesota's top election official, Secretary of State Steve Simon, continues to offer cover to a same day voter registration system that's particularly vulnerable to fraud under current practices. The latest example came to light this week with newly filed charges against four individuals with criminal records who allegedly voted or registered to vote in Blue Earth County in the 2016 general election, according to the Mankato Free Press. Alysse Miranda Fitzpatrick, 26, of Lake Crystal, Ashley Nicole Williams, 23, of Mankato, and Taylor...

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DACA: Should the children of illegal immigrants be deported?

Obama’s executive action on DACA was illegal but most Americans would be happy if Congress now finds a path forward for young people brought here illegally by their parents. Here I offer advice for young “DACA” people—if you want to be a citizen, act like one! And offered to buy a one-way plane ticket to Mexico for an immigration lawyer who has called for Americans to be deported as “colonizers.” ...

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Minnesota’s Secretary of State Refuses to Cooperate With Voter Fraud Investigation [Updated]

To its credit, the Trump administration is trying to get to the bottom of the voter fraud issue. President Trump has established an Election Integrity Commission headed by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. The commission has requested publicly available data on voter registrations from the states, and, despite the seemingly innocuous nature of the request, a number of states have refused to cooperate. One of them is Minnesota. The Star Tribune reports: Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said Friday that he won’t fulfill a request from a presidential panel to ship voter registration information for...

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Election Judges May Still Monitor Ineligible Voters Despite Court Loss

Three election judges have lost their bid to withhold ballots from felons and others known to be ineligible to vote in an election eve ruling in Ramsey County District Court yesterday. District Judge Shawn Bartsh denied a request for a temporary restraining order by election judges from Hennepin, Ramsey and St. Louis Counties in a case being closely watched by local elections officials statewide. But even as those election judges comply with the court's ruling, they may well be watching for voters marked as challenged with an eye toward future litigation, according to the Minnesota Voters Alliance. Follow the Secretary of State’s...

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