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Is “Affordable Housing Crisis” Driving Somalis Out of Eden Prairie?


This morning the Star Tribune featured an article titled "Affordable housing crisis hits Eden Prairie families." While the title referred to families generally, the entire article was about Somalis who live, or formerly lived, in Eden Prairie: [A]s demand for apartments soars metrowide, Somali families say they’re being forced out of Eden Prairie in waves by a shortage of affordable housing and the rejection by landlords of Section 8 vouchers. Does an inability to live in a community at government expense via Section 8 vouchers really constitute being "forced out"? Residents’ increasing frustration culminated last week at a community forum, following similar events...

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It’s tax day: Minnesota, a land of progressivity

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Minnesotans pay the second highest amount among the state, $14,624 per capita, in federal taxes after Delaware. And it is not just because the women are strong and the men are good looking. It is because high-income Americans pay the majority of federal taxes, while others consume them. The national average per capita amount is $8,943. What do we get back in federal dollars? Not much. ...

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Welfare Fraud Can Be Profitable Lucrative! [Updated]


Catrin Thorman wrote yesterday about a study by Minnesota's legislative auditor that found one-third of recipients of Temporary Assistance For Needy Families funds were not eligible for the benefits they received. Another news story in today's Star Tribune indicates that welfare fraud can involve surprising amounts of money. The story is headlined, "Charge: Fridley mother of 8 rang up $118K in welfare fraud in 1½ years." Long suspicious that a Fridley mother of eight was cheating the state out of various welfare benefits, authorities have charged her Tuesday receiving more than $118,000 in government aid over roughly a 1½-year period. *** [Fozia S.]...

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